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Jr. 5 Holes
1 hour
2 trophies
Up to 25 persons
Pro 10 Holes
2 hours
3 trophies
Up to 50 persons
Masters 18 Holes
2 hours
4 trophies
Up to 75 persons

Additional Fees
Special Fees


Event packages include:

Putt-2-Go Professional

Set-up and take down of golf course

Putters, balls, scorecards, and trophies

Fully insured

Each event package comes with professionally engraved trophies that are used for the tournament. Each trophy includes the name of your event, category and date.

For birthday parties and other special occasions, we recommend designating one of the trophies for the guest of honor as a way for them to remember their special day.


Booking Your Event
The best way to make a reservation is to call our office and speak directly to one of our representatives.

To guarantee availability of your date, it is suggested that you call us ASAP, as our calendar fills up quickly. In last minute situations, preferably one week is needed so that your trophies can be ordered and ready in time.

If you are sending an email and need a price quote, please be sure to include as much information about your event as possible, including the date, time, address of event, and approximate number of golfers.

Download Our Putt-2-Go Postcard!
For your convenience, please feel free to download our Putt-2-Go Postcard (link below), which details all of our current pricing information.

Putt-2-Go Postcard


Additional Fees

Distance Fee
A distance fee will be applied to events in cities 25 miles beyond our headquarters in Nampa, ID. Please contact us to find out the exact distance fee for your event.

Additional Persons
$25 (25-50 over), $50 (51-75 over), $75 (76+ over)
An additional persons fee will be incurred if your estimated amount of golfers exceeds the persons limit listed in each event package. When there are more golfers playing—even if not all at once—it requires more course management from our Putt-2-Go Professionals. If additional hours are ordered (see next), then the additional persons fee will be waived.

Additional Hours
$75 per hour (JR 5), $100 per hour (PRO 10), $125 per hour (MSTR 18)
Additional half hours can also be ordered for half the price. JR 5 is $35 per half hour; MSTR 18 is $60 per half hour.

Additional Trophies
$10 each

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Special Fees

Holiday Rates
$25 extra (weekend), $50 extra (actual day)
An additional fee will be applied to events on the day ($50) or weekend ($25) of the following holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Additional Setup Fee
$25 (JR 5), $50 (PRO 10), $75 (MSTR 18)
An additional setup fee will be applied to events that meet any one of the following conditions:
1) We have to walk more than 100 feet from our van to setup; 2) We have to walk up a flight of stairs; or 3) We have to use an elevator.

Additional Insured Fee
If you would like to be listed as an Additional Insured, a $25 fee will be applied.

Additional Putt-2-Go Professional
$20 per hour
Based on the estimated amount of golfers, we will always do our best to efficiently staff each event. One Putt-2-Go Professional is almost always sufficient for 5 and 10 hole events; a second is usually added for 18 hole events, but not always. If you find it necessary for more staff to be at your event than we provide, the cost is $20 per hour per additional Professional.

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