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Fun and Challenging for All Ages,
Indoors or Outdoors!

The Putt-2-Go Golf Course is specifically designed after a real golf course. In the real world of golf, castles and windmills don't exist. The goal is simply to get the ball in the hole and be a winner.

Because of this, our course has been proven to work with all ages. Our golf holes range from 6 to 20 feet in length, and are sometimes extended to 24 feet in the case of a tie. Each hole is equipped with simulated rolling hills, sand and water hazards, and palm trees. Each golf cup hole is only 3 inches wide, instead of the traditional 4 inches, to better suit the size of our course. Also, our course is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage.

What makes the Putt-2-Go Golf Course unique is that individual scores remain close, creating exciting competition—just like the pros encounter. So the next time you decide to have miniature golf at your event, let us bring the fun to you!


Pro 10 Holes, Centerpoint Church

Pro 10 Holes, Anaheim Convention Center

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